Burbank Year Round Swimming


Burbank Parks and Recreation provided costs to the City Manager for a two-month extension to the summer swimming season.

Discussion Paper Extension Of 2008 Summer Aquatics Season

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FY 2008-09 City Council Top Five Priority Goals

The Burbank City Council declared in its "Strategic 10-Year Plan for The City of Burbank" (May 1990) a goal to: "Develop options and identify costs with providing a year-round aquatic program. This process would include exploring the option of maintaining one pool operational on a year-round basis." (page 37, Section D). 

The Burbank City Ten Year Plan

When Burbank Parks and Recreation polled swimmers in the winter months, a letter sent to a Parks manager warned of misleading results:

March 2001 letter

This is a notice posted at the end of the 2002 summer to encourage comments by adult swimmers:

August 2002 notice

This is a website set up by lap-swimmers in 2002:

The 2002 Internet Efforts

My letter to the Burbank Parks and Recreation department on this - note the issues are the same in 2008!

September 30, 2002 letter

After a meeting with Burbank Parks and Recreation department, a group of lap swimmers sent this petition in 2002.  The issues remain the same!

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Two bulletins posted by the Parks and Recreation department in 2002:

For Lap Swimmers

For the Excel Swim Club

Parks Department Letter to Swimmers, September 22, 2003

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A few of my personal letters to the Burbank Mayor, City Manager and Parks & Recreation director from long ago.  Not much has changed!

Letters between 1994 and 1997

Let's open the pool, turn on the solar heat, move these covers to McCambridge and save energy!

Pool covers stored at Verdugo Pool

The oracle Frazz, on lap swimming:

Lack of Dedication

Annual Migration to the Pools