Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks Pool Reports


Carol Henry's Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks pool update 2/19:

Progress at last!  I spoke with Mary Bingham this morning.  She said they were painting the pool.  Having fallen for misinformation before, I drove by the pool this afternoon.  Much to my surprise, it appears to have been painted.  From my vantage point, it looked like the final paint job, not the primer, since it appears that the lines have also been painted.

I don't know if the rain will have have any impact at this point.  But if it is filled & heated next week, we might be home before March.  I'll drive by or call the pool mid-week to be sure.  If anyone hears anything about the re-opening date before I do, please let me know and I'll spread the word.

I can almost smell the chlorine...

Carol Henry's Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks pool update 2/11:

Finally, some good news.  Per Mary Bingham, the concrete has been poured & the work has passed the second inspection.  She expects the pool to be primed tomorrow and painted next week.  After a few days to seal the paint, it will be filled & heated.  She thinks the pool will be opened in about 1 1/2 weeks!  It may open in the middle of the week & the hours may change.  I'll send an update at the end of next week or so. I asked Mary if the early closure of all pools had anything to do with the fact that LA is on the verge of bankruptcy.  She said it was strictly a drain issue.  One of the year-round pools was cited and the city faced a $15 million fine, so all pools were closed at once rather than the expected rolling closures. 

It won't be long now!!!

Carol Henry's Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks pool update 1/29, revised:

Susan Bageley responded to my update with the following information:

"I was there yesterday walking Herman and talking to the workers. The baby pool has been emptied and inspected, however the big pool is filled with water from the rain and needs to be pumped out prior to the inspection. And no one there yesterday was doing any pumping. So the pool has to be drained, then an inspection appt. will be made (it is the city so they can't do that concurrently), then the inspector will come and then the concrete will be poured - barring any more rain and a need to re-pump and inspect a second time. Also, we have to consider that they may need to do something after the inspection. Then painted and filled. My target date is March 7 to 15."

Susan wants to start a Pool pool to wager on the opening date. Having been around this track before, I declined. I hate losing. Carol

Subject: VNSO POOL UPDATE 1/29

As you may have guessed, the last prediction by Mary Bingham at Citywide Aquatics was overly-optimistic.

1. VNSO pool had its first inspection on Weds. Next, they will replace the drain, pour the concrete & inspect a second time. Then it will be painted & filled. Latest re-opening estimate is 2 more weeks.

2. Cleveland pool is open; Westwood is filling & Glassell needs to be painted & filled (a step back from the last update).

I asked Mary why low-volume pools such as Cleveland opened before high-volume pools like Exposition Park & VNSO. She said Cleveland pool needed little work and the others needed much more. She also said we are at the mercy of city inspectors. Any thoughts on that, Mike?

Until next time, keep moving! Carol

Carol Henry's VNSO pool update 1/14:

I spoke with Mary Bingham yesterday (head of Citywide Aquatics). Here's the update:

1. The VNSO pool work is partially done. The hole has been dug & the re-piping completed. They are awaiting inspection. They are working on it simultaneously with Exposition Park pool.

2. After the inspection, Phase 2 will begin. They will pour the concrete & install the new drain. Then it must be inspected again. After passing inspection, the pool will be painted & filled.

3. VNSO estimated re-opening is Feb. 1. Cleveland pool is now open; Roosevelt pool is being filled; Glassell Park pool is ready to be filled.

I will check with Mary again in a week or so and let you know. Meanwhile, keep moving! Carol

Carol Henry reported on December 23, 2009

"I just spoke with the City of LA Aquatics Dept., and it appears that VNSO pool has been  cleaned, etc. and the drain has been retrofitted.  It has not been cleared yet.  ETA: it should reopen on Tues., Jan. 5 at the latest!  

VALLEY ALTERNATIVE POOL:  Several VNSO swimmers are now working out at the City of San Fernando Recreational Pool (Park).  We've been swimming there and it's the most beautiful facility I've seen in LA.  It's about 15 minutes from Van Nuys.  There are very few people swimming there. 

HOURS:  6 AM-2 PM & 6:30-7:30 PM M-F.  Currently, SF pool is not open weekends (they do have a petition for folks to sign), and they only close on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day & New Year's day.  On the eves, they will only be open 6 AM to 2 PM. 

WATER TEMP:  @79.9 degrees according to the lifeguard.  It feels about the same as the big pool at LAVC (which is closed until Monday 1/4). 

FEES:  Ages 3-18 & 55+ $1.  Ages 19-54 $2 (more on weekends when open)

ADDRESS:  208 Park Ave., San Fernando (North on 405, 5, or Van Nuys Blvd.; East on 118: North on San Fernando Road: Right on Wolfskill; Right on 1st; Left on Park Ave.).  818-898-1290 (but they rarely answer--they are very understaffed). 


Thanks, Carol!  This is approximately 13 miles north of Burbank.  

There is a sign at the pool stating that Cleveland pool in Reseda opened in early December.

Van Nuys Pool - April 16, 2008

From Carol Henry:

For those who may not have heard, the pool opened last Friday, April 11.  I just returned from the Bay Area last night, but swam this morning.  It felt great!

Monday-Wednesday-Fridays are now short course since the school team is expected to return sometime soon.  It may change back to long course this summer, according to Marcelle.  The showers are too hot (but who's complaining?), and the women's showers now have handles instead of those annoying buttons (apparently the men's showers were updated some months ago).

I look forward to seeing all of you again!

Van Nuys Pool - March 25, 2008

From Carol Henry:

The pool tank is painted.  The old heaters were removed yesterday (Monday 3/24) and it is expected to take 2 weeks to install the new ones.
You can always contact Walter at

Van Nuys Pool - March 13

From Carol Henry:

Progress at last!  It seems that the heaters were delivered to Central Supply on Monday.  Tomorrow (Friday), they will buy paint and start painting the pool.  That should be completed by Monday.  So, if it goes as predicted, they should be re-opening in about 2 weeks. 

Walter said they would put out balloons when they re-open (for those who prefer drive-by verification) and email the people who told me they would like to be on Essam & Walter's email list of swimmers. 

Shouldn't be long now!!

Van Nuys Pool - March 10

From Carol Henry:

I had hoped to have better news by today, but alas...!  Walter told me last week that the heaters should arrive at VNSO by last Friday or today.  They are not there, needless to say, but they are expected to arrive at "Central Supply" or some such clandestine location at some point this week...possibly Thursday 3/13.

The pool bottom will be re-painted, but it must be coordinated with the arrival of the heaters since pool paint must be under water within 2-4 days or it will crack.  And it takes about a day and a half to refill the pool with water (for those who were wondering).

I may be in and out of town in the coming weeks.  I have forwarded email addresses for Arnie, Barry, Bob, Elena & Joel.  If you have not already done so, please let me know if you wish to be added to the pool's email list.  Or send it directly to

I hope it won't be much longer until we have a reunion!

Van Nuys Pool - February 24

From Carol Henry:

As of yesterday, Saturday 2/24, the new heaters have not yet arrived.  They are now predicting a mid to late March re-opening.

As sad as that is for us, the poor staff are being rotated, with only two working at the pool during business hours and, hopefully, the others picking up some work at other facilities.

At this rate, the new Valley College pool may be open sooner!

Van Nuys Pool

Carol Henry spoke with Richard Godino (director of LA Aquatics) on February 4.  He said the heaters have been purchased.  They should be manufactured, then shipped to VNSO within 1-2 weeks. After that, he said it will take another 2-3 weeks to install...pretty close to the estimated 3-5 week window. The pool is empty and will be re-painted.  They are also making repairs to the men's locker room. 

Richard has asked Essam to put together an email list of interested swimmers.  If you would like to be on the list (or would like to be excluded) please let me know.  She will forward your email address to Essam if you like.

Van Nuys pool lost its second water heater about January 10 and the water temperature has been sinking ever since - 63 F at last report!  Why isn't the McCambridge solar heating system filling in the gap?